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Letter of Intent


Please complete the following form to communicate to future caregivers and trustees what you think they need to know to care for you or your loved one. Regardless of where the person with a disability lives – in a group home, a parent’s or family member’s home, or his or her own home, you or the parent (spouse or other family caregiver) should indicate what you know best based upon a lifetime of your care. You can pass on the information to succeeding caregivers. These instructions should be given to successor caregivers (and trustees) after they have agreed to serve as well as kept in the special needs trust attorney’s file. Sharing the instructions is best done though a meeting to review the Letter after it is completed. This Letter of Intent is designed to give successor caregivers and trustees the realistic information they need to carry on effectively as caregivers after parents (or other family caregivers) no longer can provide the care themselves. This practical information could also alleviate concerns that caregivers and trustees might have about how they best can fulfill expected family obligations. It is advisable to revisit this Letter of Intent on an annual basis to account for changes which might have transpired. To read more about why this document is important please read our guide.

Client Information

Letter of Intent

General Information

Two people who know the most information about the child, other than parents or current caregivers.

Medical Information

Professional Contacts for Disabled Beneficiary

Personality Traits and Preferences

Clothing and Accessory Sizes

Food Preferences

Daily Routine

Describe his/her daily routine (for example, gets up  at 7AM, drinks coffee until 7:30AM, eats breakfast at 8AM, etc.)

Activities and Interests

Special Services and Needs

The Future

Legal and Financial



Submitting this form generates a PDF document that will be emailed to our office. A copy of the document will be sent to the email you provided above. Please wait until you see a confirmation message appear before exiting this page.

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