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Why Go To An Estate Planning Attorney?
The answer is very simple, if you have a heart problem, you would go to a cardiologist, and not your general doctor.  The same holds true in the context of estate planning.  Estate Planning is a specialty within the practice of law, and takes into consideration multiple factors when preparing documentation.  I realize everyone thinks their situation is simple, but after almost two decades of practice, I can assure you that no family is simple!  We are charged with being experts on the tax laws, and making sure we optimize all tax strategies to assist our clients, as well as making sure each family has planning that reflects their unique family dynamics.


*If you have a minor child, or a Dependant with special needs you must have a Last Will and Testament to name appropriate Guardians and Trustees.  If not, the Court, and potentially Family Services will get involved and make those decisions for your children.  This can cause families to fight amongst themselves and great emotional harm to the children.

*In Pennsylvania if a husband or wife dies without a Will, all assets DO NOT automatically pass to the surviving spouse.  The Pennsylvania Intestacy Laws have very specific rules as to who gets assets if you die without a Will, and often the results are not what you think, or what you want.

*Estate Taxes and Family circumstances are huge factors in why it is necessary to have a Will.  If you have an estate tax issue, you must make sure to take advantage of all credits and exemptions available to you by law.

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